Please don't take all the credit if you download it, it's ok if you coded it from the videos on YouTube(but I'd like to have a little credit for making the code and giving it to you)!

Free Laptop

This is a simple HTML file that poses as a questionare that asks for one word describing you, then a few popup messages popup with an error message. I coded this myself, it's a great and safe way to prank your friends & family. When it asks you to use Windows Shield that file is up for download below.
PLEASE NOTE: When it asks allow ActiveX controll or it will not work!

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File Type: html
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Windows Shield

As shown in our free laptop prank it's a fake Anti-Virus and again it was coded by me. It also looks very professional!
We are still experimenting to find out how to make it better!

File Size: 16 kb
File Type: bat
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Website Attacker

This Website Attacker is a fake fun way to trick your friends into thinking you deleting a site (like But because its fake the site will not be deleted or anything so just say it only deletes the servers so you can't see any change from the original site! Also coded by me.

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File Type: bat
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MasterPicture Viewer v1.0(Free version)

View all your pictures with our custom picture viewer.
Premium version coming soon!

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File Type: exe
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